Every new venture is going to present its challenges, and building your presence on LinkedIn is no different. In my experience, the most common hesitations around LinkedIn boil down to three basic concepts – hurdles, if you will – that are easy enough to overcome with the right focus and determination.

The Unclear Message

The first hurdle is establishing a clear message. It’s all too easy for your message to get lost in translation, either through an overload of content or just by overcomplicating it. People need to be able to see the two most important aspects of your business right off the bat: What you do, and how you can help.

Communicating your message to your network sounds simple enough, but the reality is that an unclear message is something that most people struggle with. It can be tough to explain your business in a concise way, but having an unclear message is only going to confuse people.

You need to be able to clearly explain what you do and how you serve your clients. This needs to be streamlined across all platforms, including in your day-to-day conversation.

The Disconnected Network

The second hurdle to overcome is having a disconnected network. This all comes down to the type of content you put out and the connections you’re making. If your content, profile, and page aren’t engaging your audience, then they’re not doing their job. Similarly, if you’re not connecting with your ideal clients, then you’re barking up the wrong tree, so to speak.

My strategy is all about generating leads through genuine engagement, not sales pitching.

Rather than paying for expensive ads or spamming out bland content to every contact you can get your hands on (which can often seem like the only two options out there), let’s consider the simple strategy of just creating engaging content and ideal connections.

The Robotic Sales Pitch

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, we can’t forget to be human. When we’re making so many connections online these days, it can be tough to remember that we’re all on the same basic playing field. People don’t respond to robotic-sounding reach outs, they respond to other people. Rather than trying to copy and paste a sales pitch to 100 random connections in a day, take the time to get to know the people in your network, not just their profiles.

I guarantee this will lead not only to more genuine interest in the long run, but the leads you do discover are likely to connect you to even more leads, because they are connecting with a human, not a sales rep.

Now for the best part… I’m so excited to be launching my Consistent Clients program next week! The program will focus on getting you consistent leads, almost on autopilot, by setting you up with a process that flows easily for you and your business. We’ll give you everything you need to make that happen, and nothing you don’t.

No ads. No funnels. And no confusing tech… just the essentials.

The outcome of the Consistent Clients program is simple: to get you consistent leads and clients online so that you can work smart, not hard.

If this sounds like something you’d be into, stay tuned for our next blog post which will officially launch all the details about our eight-week Consistent Clients program! You can also email me anytime at hello@kacieroze.com for more information, or schedule a virtual coffee with me to figure out exactly what you need to grow your business online.