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Profile Checklist

A checklist guide for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who want to up their LinkedIn game, and create an optimised, attractive and engaging profile.


Content Workshop

In this pre-recorded 90min workshop you will plan, map out and create engaging LinkedIn content.

You will know your content pillars, have a template to create content time and time again, have 3 months worth of content fire starters, and your next 12 months mapped out.

$37 AUD 

ACE LinkedIn
Starter Kit

This Kit contains all the templates and workbooks to help you start, or re-start, your LinkedIn marketing strategies.

It contains everything you need to update and optimise your profile, how to's and strategies to help you find your dream clients, and an easy to implement and repeatable content strategy with Canva image templates.
includes the LinkedIn Content Workshop

$87 AUD

Networking Products

Networking Blueprint

A guide for Small Business Owners to make meaningful connections, and grow their business through Networking events without wasting their time.

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Networking Accelerator

A LIVE 3 month group coaching program designed to help Small Business Owners overcome their initial fear of networking, build their confidence to network both in person and online.
Get the tools and personalised strategies you need to grow your business through networking.

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