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to Build Your Confidence to Connect & Communicate

It's time to grow your business and yourself.

The Biz Connection Project is made for service-based business owners and entrepreneurs who are ready grow their business

It’s time to take your Networking to the next level and increase your Connections and Confidence to create opportunities, become a client magnet and consistently receive referrals.

What is

The Biz Connection Project

I get it, Networking is not everyone’s cup of tea.

You feel it’s a waste of time, end up having boring conversations with no way out, and… the worst part is you have to put yourself out there (and be seen… eek)!

At the same time you understand that: You’re Network is one of Your Most Valuable Assets.

Welcome to The Biz Connection Project!

The Biz Connection Project is designed to help you become a client magnet supercharge you referrals grow opportunities for your business, as well.

This mastermind program takes your through strategies and a proven framework, to develop the skills you need to be a confident networker.

You’ll have what it takes to build a network, and create the business you want.

We believe it’s so important to come across as YOURSELF.  Whether that’s in person or in the digital world.

The Biz Connection Project, gives you the confidence to:

What's included:

  • An initial One on One personal 60 min Kickstarter Call with me, Kacie Brignell.
    To make sure we have a full understanding of your challenges, and where you are at, so we can tailor the training and coaching to your business.

  • Weekly Mastermind Zoom Calls
    Each week we have 60min group calls on Zoom where everyone in the mastermind participates. Every call has a specific theme or focus and replays are available.

  • Quarterly Connection Calls.
    30min Private calls each quarter to check in, and keep you moving forward.

  • Weekly Accountability
    In our private community group we’ll help you stay on track, keep you motivated and support your plans to grow your business.


  • Clarity Calls
    Any time you feel lost, confused, or need to brainstorm something, book in a 15min call with Kacie

  • Business Experts
    We regularly bring in other business owners who are experts in their field, to share their wisdom and knowledge to help you grow.

PLUS you will receive all the templates, workbooks, and cheat sheets to easily and quickly implement what you learn along the way.

A 6 month Mastermind

The Biz Connection Project is made for service based business owners and entrepreneurs who know what their service offering is, and are ready to step up to their next level.

This mastermind is for you if:

This mastermind is NOT for you if:

There are 3 major areas we focus on to help you scale your business through online and face-to-face networking with ease, and without the stress.

Connect with the ‘right’ people in a non-salesy way. 

We focus on:

  • Who your ideal clients or connections are.
  • Where they ‘hang out’ on or offline
  • How to connect with them, in a way you’re comfortable with.

Move from Unknown to the go-to Person you want to be known for.

We focus on:

  • Building trust, quickly
  • Naturally build rapport
  • Nurturing Relationships that will last and refer

Build your confidence to create opportunities to grow your business.

We focus on:

  • Understanding who you are, and your uniqueness
  • Being seen, without feeling like you’re on show
  • Memorability. There’s no point in building a network, if you’re not remembered.

Enrollment is Open!


$ 4227


6 Monthly Payments
$ 777

All prices in $AUD & include GST

The Biz Connection Project is not suitable for everyone. 

When you apply one of two things will happen.  

I will personally review your application and…

Decide we’re not a good match and I’ll let you know politely. Or…

Decide we might be a good match and we’ll schedule a call to see if you agree.


Nobody will pressure you or hassle you. 

If you want in, great. If not, no problem. 

I’m cool either way.

Hi!  I’m Kacie…

Throughout my whole working life, I’ve always been involved in service based roles where the connection you make with someone outweighed the cost.

Building a trusted network has been one of the most valuable things I’ve ever done.  As when I left the corporate world, business referrals came in thick and fast. 

Building a network can take time, however I believe, if done well, it can ‘pay you back’ in dividends. 

I have always had a real passion for connecting people within the business world.
I believe that everyone deserves to have a voice, and has the permission to connect to anyone they wish.

As an Relationship Marketer and Connection Strategist, I believe to create business opportunities, building trusted relationships is key.

Kacie really knows her stuff when it comes to connecting and networking with others - both face-to-face and virtually. Her understanding of how to set up and run your Linked In profile is incredible.
Mary Wong
Optimal Life Solutions
I would highly recommend working with Kacie. She is great to work with, but more importantly, knows her stuff. I don’t come from a marketing or networking background. Prior to working with Kacie, I was struggling to make valuable connections and post meaningful articles. She has boosted my connections and helps me regularly post great articles. I highly recommend her.
Mick Belson
Power Property Maintenance
Kacie has been instrumental in helping me gain momentum with my LinkedIn presence and provide the necessary skills and expertise to grow and work with my network. I've enjoyed working with her over the last year and discussing my goals while we developed the necessary strategy and using her tactical skills to ensure successful delivery.
David WIlliams

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