When it comes to growing your business, we can’t underestimate the value of connections.

In today’s digital world, so many of the connections we make every single day are made online. But that’s no surprise to you, I’m sure. Social media is pivotal in today’s digital world, and the potential to expand your network has never been so great.

What so many of my clients are surprised to learn is just how simple LinkedIn networking can be when used properly. There’s a whole world of connections just waiting for you to click with, and I’m here to show you just how valuable the platform really is.

One of the most common misconceptions about LinkedIn is that it’s old-fashioned. What I hear from a lot of people is that they set up a LinkedIn account a while back and haven’t touched it since because they were never really shown how to make it work for them. For many people, LinkedIn presents some uncertainty because it’s so unlike all the other social media platforms out there, but the truth is, what makes it so different is what makes it so valuable! The potential to scale your network is unmatched. 

As you probably know by now, people need people to grow their business, so if you aren’t networking, you aren’t growing. LinkedIn is a live, 24/7, global networking event. It’s a tool – a free tool, I might add – that gives you the opportunity to be completely transparent about the person behind your brand. Humanising your LinkedIn presence will help move those online connections you’re making, to face-to-face conversations with real people. Finding common ground leads to a more authentic conversation, not just a sales pitch. LinkedIn gives you plenty of space to share things about your business and yourself on your profile. This gives prospective clients the opportunity to find that common ground and grow to trust you as a person, not just as a business.

Forming genuine connections with people – and not just the people who will benefit you in your business, but also people you have a genuine interest in – will ultimately expand your network and lead you to a level of success you may never have expected.

At this moment, you may be thinking but my profile is boring or it reads like a resumé. That’s okay! I’ve made a LinkedIn Profile Checklist that you can download for free here to help you tackle your hesitations and set your profile up to work for you. We all have to start somewhere, and when it comes to expanding your network, there’s no better starting point than LinkedIn.

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