Serviced Based businesses, this is your place to:

Attract Ideal Clients & Grow your Business...
In your unique style!

Feeling stuck finding clients? You’re not alone! 

I help service-based biz owners like you unlock ideal leads & explode their growth through personalised networking and LinkedIn strategies, collaborations and referrals – all tailored to your unique style and personality.  

Free Workbook - Building Long-Term Business Relationships.

Build Genuine Connections & Find Leads without it Feeling Transactional.

Stop struggling to find clients!

Tired of feeling like a ghost in your industry?

Imagine: building a thriving business not through cold calls or pushy sales, but through warm connections and genuine relationships.

We’re not about collecting business cards, and getting LinkedIn likes.

We’re about building trust, confidence, and meaningful connections that turn into loyal clients, referral partners and thriving businesses.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur who dreads networking or a seasoned small business owner looking for a boost, we have the tools and strategies you need to transform and grow your business through leveraging your network.

We help you with...

Client Attraction

Create a strong online presence through LinkedIn, and attract ideal connections through effective communication and trust-building techniques.

It's all about your personal brand both on and offline!

Relationship Building

Develop your interpersonal skills, and build long term relationships through nurturing and follow up for lead generation and future referrals.

It's is all about creating a network that pays off for years to come!

Event Marketing

Build your brand, attract long term clients, and grow your business through running events, online or in-person.

It's all about adding value to current and future clients!

How We Can Work Together

Network Accelerator

Online and live 6-week group program.

Designed for serviced based business owners who want to learn how to grow through referrals, networking strategies and LinkedIn, without wasting their time.

Profile - Lead Gen - Content​

No matter if you are new to LinkedIn or not, this powerful tool for finding clients, collaborative partners and creating leads. 

Whether you are looking to DIY, have it done for you or you would like training for yourself or the team

Private Or Team Training​

Working with you to increase your leads and sales by strategically positioning you as a leader.

Together we will build strong professional relationships with your ideal clients, and collaborators.

Hi, I'm Kacie

Your Client Connection Strategist, and let me tell you, after years facing awkward conversations, and forced handshakes in the corporate world, I knew there had to be a smarter way to build connections and find business.

Here’s the truth…

Networking is a long term game, not a quick now gain. 

That’s when I figured out – how to strategically network. 

Forget the cold calls and endless “elevator pitches.” 

I found a way to leverage the power of LinkedIn and live events to build genuine relationships that turned into real connections (and leads!). 

And, because I took care of and nurtured my network, when I left the corporate world, I had multiple referrals and opportunities.


Now, I help awesome business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales teams like you do the same.

Whilst there are strategies and a structure on how to grow your network for business, it’s important to find what works for you personally. 

Let’s ditch the one-size-fits-all approach and propel your business forward, together.

When I’m not coaching, you can find me taking my paddle board out, cheering on the Broncos, or hanging out with my partner and my ridiculously affectionate dog, Simpson. 

Your next ideal client could be just one conversation away!