Hey, I'm Kacie,
your Client Connector & Business Growth Strategist.

I do what I do, because I want to empower individuals to be themselves unapologetically and to own their space and all of who they are.

I’ve spent all of my corporate career in service based roles, where it was vital to build a relationship with clients.

After attending many networking, personal and professional development events, I realised there was a much better way to ‘network’ that didn’t involve being a networking vampire.

I quickly found strategic ways to ‘network’, saving myself time in finding ideal clients and connections.  So I stopped wasting time, and started to leverage LinkedIn and live events, to generate leads without having to cold call. 

In June 2016 I took the leap and left to corporate world to start my own business.  Now… I get to help business owners, entrepreneurs and sales teams with outreach strategies to leverage the LinkedIn platform, and networking opportunities to propel them forward in business.

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I couldn’t do it without them…


Client Manager

Keitchy has brilliant attention to detail and excellent time management skills. Which is highly beneficial when it comes to managing multiple client accounts. 

Being detail oriented and organised means that Keitchy is always one step ahead of a challenge.

Favourite Coffee … “I don’t drink coffee.”

Motivational Quote: “Great things never came from Comfort Zones”

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